Performance-Based Ads Cost Effective

Advertisers utilizing performance-based ads are enjoying higher than average return-on-investment, says AdverCalls’ President, Benny Traub.

“The risk factor in advertising is so high that much of new advertising initiatives suffer less than optimal ROI. The new AdverCalls platform generates and tracks phone calls from interested prospects. When calls meet the criteria of the advertisers, a fee is incurred. Otherwise, there is no charge to the advertiser.”

Other than a nominal setup fee, the AdverCalls system is a pure performance-based ad model.

A fixed fee is charged per each qualified lead generated. While lead fees can range up to $200 each for certain exclusive markets, most industries pay far less than that. How much less? A custom quote is required to determine that. Every market is unique due to changing demand levels and competitive environments and the market is researched before AdverCalls will accept a new client.

Multiple channels are being utilized to produce the leads, including telemarketing, PPC, yellow pages, and broadcast media. Once an inquiry is generated, calls are either routed directly to the advertiser’s call center, or to AdverCalls’ call center, where the prospect is qualified and screened, then transferred live to the advertiser.

To receive more information and find out how you can use the AdverCalls platform in your business, visit the company’s leads blog and request pricing.