AdverCalls® is a a US Company which Provides Performance-Based Marketing Solutions.

Founder, Benny Traub, provides corporate development consulting to select publicly traded comanies.

Every year companies waste billions of dollars worldwide for advertising that fails to deliver adequate results. AdverCalls® focuses on helping agencies and businesses eliminate the enormous risk associated with paid promotion.

AdverCalls Founder:

Benny Traub, CEO: Benny Traub is a long-time promotion expert and advertising pioneer. AdverCalls® is his third advertising-technology project and his twelfth business start-up. Benny has taught Advanced Relationship Marketing at the university level and is the developer of the ‘Million Dollar Marketing Plan’ course, which he taught under the sponsorship of the Canadian Government to senior executives as part the government’s initiative to stimulate small business growth. He studied market research and consumer behavior at the College of New Caledonia in the 80’s. In the 90’s his marketing consulting firm, Imagenation Media, pioneered marketing automation and response-based advertising for SMB’s. In the early 00’s he operated an incubation firm which took two of his companies public. He founded AdverCalls in 2009. AdverCalls® is an evolution of his long career in helping entrepreneurs and corporations attract new business and compete more effectively.Mr. Traub lives in Los Angeles with Carmen, his wife of twenty five years.