One-time chance to control your webspace and
enhance the SEO power of your own website…

We constantly get requests from clients to have us link to their main website.

We’ll be syndicating your business profile to several hundred directories and search engines and most of these high-powered sites will be promoting the website address we give them.


Normally we’d be taking advantage of this extra promotion by linking back to the direct-response blog-site that we are going to build for you.

Here’s an example of what that site will look like.

As powerful as this is, the microsite has limited space and cannot possibly contain all of the information that you would normally have on your primary website.

We constantly get requests from clients to have us link to their main website.

We’d love to do this but the problem is that once we direct prospects to your website, any calls that come in at that point are going to come through your main phone number. We have no way to track those calls and therefore can’t get paid for bringing the prospect to your site.

But in reality, linking back to your site is the best strategy for two reasons;

1.       You can customize your own website to your heart’s content and might even have a large investment in creating graphics and content and your site might be able to sell prospects better than our limited microsite can.

2.       All of those links that the directories and search engines create for you become authoritative backlinks which is powerful SEO and this additional link juice adds to the momentum of your primary corporate site rather that to a smaller new microsite.

As a solution, we are now offering to point all of the links directly at your website. Since we’ll be losing some of the revenue that we would normally earn through calls, we’ll ask you to cover a small, one-time investment of just $197.00. This will make up for some of our lost revenue and also give you the chance to continue to build momentum in your primary corporate website.

This is the best strategy for you and the investment is very small compared to what the links alone will be worth to your business. As you know, external 3rd party links pointing back to your website are the most powerful SEO tactic there is. You already have an investment in your primary site, you should leverage it by taking advantage of this one-time opportunity.

Since the links will be built only once, this is a one-time chance that will disappear once this screen is closed.


No thanks, I’d rather not promote my own website. I understand that I won’t get this offer again.
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