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most expensive advertising is that which does not work

Benny Traub

Advertising that doesn’t work is your biggest enemy. Here’s why;

1. The capital is lost forever. There is no way to recover it. It is gone.

2. The sustainability of your company is premised upon your ability to repetitively bring in new customers at a reasonable cost.

In other words, the future of your company depends upon you finding a way to; a) attract new customers at the lowest possible cost and, b) discovering a way to predictably and repeatedly duplicate the customer-acquisition process and, c) scale that system. If you can do these three things, your company will grow and prosper.

Hi, I’m Benny Traub. I’ve been an advertising consultant for over twenty years. If you need advertising help, look no further. You’ve come to the right place!

I’ve done marketing work for General Motors, Shell, Century 21, Sears and HUNDREDS of small and mid-sized companies in virtually every industry.

I started off as a door to door magazine salesman, but I worked hard and by the mid 80’s I was the Marketing Director for a small publishing company.

By 1988 I was the Marketing Director for an entire city up in Canada.

I continued to study and in 1991 I developed a course called ‘How to Build a Million Dollar Marketing Plan in One Day‘. I taught that course at Simon Fraser University in conjunction with the Federal Government of Canada as part of their initiative to stimulate small business growth.

By 1995 I was earning $500.00 per hour as a marketing consultant. Since then I’ve taken two of my own companies public and have had the depth of experience that has pushed my hourly rate into the stratosphere. So…


The reason is simple. I found that some companies do not have the internal staff to actually do any meaningful advertising work and if that’s the case with you, I’m hoping you’ll give me the chance to at least quote on some of that work. If I give you a good deal on my expert advice, I’m betting my sacrifice will pay off.

For example, some companies just need to get their phone ringing with calls from qualified buyers. I can easily show them how to do that, but they might not have the in-house skills to do the necessary marketing work or even to answer the phone! When that happens, I’m hoping that they’ll hire me and my team to do that work. My prices are fair. Of course there is absolutely no obligation to hire me. But anyway, that’s why the price of my advice is so low.


Over the decades of my career I’ve discovered dozens of shortcuts for bringing in new customers, increasing closing ratio’s, improving profits and even automating some of that process. I can save you thousands of dollars by helping you avoid advertising that is useless (I had to learn the hard way). The most expensive mistake you can make as an entrepreneur is spending money that brings you nothing in return. I’ve made every advertising mistake in the book learning how to figure this out and I can happily say that I’ve got it down to a science. Does everything I do work? To be honest, no. Some trial and error is still needed. That’s just business, right? However, I have a system to reduce the losses down to a minuscule amount. I know manytricks that very few people have even heard of.

So I know you’ll get more than your money’s worth. But if you aren’t happy (for any reason) you can have your $197.00 back. I’ll guarantee the service for thirty days. You can think about my advice and even try it.

If you are happy, you can keep paying me $197.00 each month and you’ll have unlimited access to me (personally) and my team of advisers for all the advice you can handle. Call anytime you want! And if you want to hire us for something else, that would be wonderful!

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Initial planning fee of $2364.00 is deferred. Instead, pay only $197.00 per month (cancel anytime).

Unlimited access to a consultant; $5,000 per month. Waived. You pay nothing.

Unlimited in-house project management: $800 per month. Waived. You pay nothing.

Once your payment goes through, I’ll call and we can start going through my Million Dollar Marketing planning process…


Here’s What You Will Receive
for Your monthly $197.00 Retainer…

(you may cancel anytime without penalty)


In our first planning session, here’s what we’ll cover:

1. We’ll go through our proprietary marketing diagnostic where we’ll discover opportunity gaps for your business.

2. You’ll learn my proven two-step marketing system that you can begin to use immediately. This same system is used by Apple, Home Depot and most every other successful company in the world.

3. You’ll learn my three techniques for creating line-ups of customers and building a company that will last.

4. We’ll finish up by creating a customized strategy, including a list of simple techniques you can be implement right now to create new customers starting today.

5. Of course you can ask as many questions as you like. I’ll answer your toughest conundrums and set everything straight.

At the end of our first session you’ll have a few powerful advertising projects that you can choose to implement immediately or down the road (I’ll give you a schedule).

From then on, you can call as often as you like. Email us. Text us. Even Skype us! In other words… for $197.00 per month you own us! You’ll have your very own advertising expert on hand whenever a question pops up.

If a media rep bangs on your door and offers you a killer advertising deal, call us first. Chances are good we’ve had experience that can save you an arm and a leg. Always remember, a) Most advertising fails and, b) Money lost on bad advertising is lost forever. It never comes back. It’s just best to avoid the losses in the first place. That’s why having an expert on call is a good idea. You’d never jump into a big business deal without consulting your lawyer right? The same principle applies with advertising.

Use us as  an idea source. Use us as a sounding board for your own ‘great’ ideas. We’ll critique your creatives, strategies, spending plans, conversion systems… basically, we are here to advise you on anything to do with marketing and advertising.

If you called us only once every couple months for a consultation this would be a smoking hot deal. But this is unlimited access to an expert. And let me assure you… there is absolutely no obligation go hire us to do anything else. If you need a website, hey, we don’t mind if your son does it! If you need a video produced for a YouTube ad, hey, we don’t mind if your neighbor produces it! E.g. there is no obligation. Of course we appreciate the opportunity to quote. But you have no obligation. Don’t want us to quote on anything? no problem! We don’t mind. Really.

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