Here’s what your money buys you…

1. Call Tracking

We’ll tell you how many calls you received, the time and date the calls came in and their duration. We’ll even give you the callerID (when available) so you can track your calls down to the sale. To do this, we contract with one of North America’s largest 3rd party call tracking service who monitors every phone call. How? first, we source a new phone number from the telecom provider. Then we hard code a call-forward into that number, directly to your office line, cell phone or call center. We monitor all calls to that new number, which is only used in your listings and no where else. That’s how we are able to track each call down to the second. And you can be assured of reliability and accuracy, since the call tracking is managed entirely by a 3rd party. Unless you’ve paid the full setup fee or otherwise arranged to promote your own phone number, call tracking comes standard with our maintenance package.

2. Telemarketer Call Blocking

Did you know that up to 15% of calls made to your published number may be non-sales calls? To help you with this, we utilize an innovative technology solution that identifies suspected telemarketer calls. This patent-pending technology ensures that most calls that come through on your business line is a real call and we automatically block the majority of known telemarketers, including those annoying computerized systems.

3. Unlimited Updates

You can update your Online Profile as often as you like. Whether you move or change your phone, we’ll make sure your listings stay up to date with the latest information.

4. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

The ongoing optimization for search engines is an important component of internet marketing. As part of your maintenance program, we perform on-page SEO on the website that we build for you.

5. Unlimited Support

Need to speak with someone on the phone? No problem! We operate 9am to 5pm, Monday thru Friday, PST. We are always here to help.

Pricing Options

Option 1

Buy the system outright. No ongoing payments.

One time setup fee of $2,500.00.  No per-call costs.

Annual maintenance: $497.00 (mandatory 1st year only).

Total investment to get started: $2,997.00


Option 2

Pay with Success

Setup fee $2500.00 (waived). Pay only $2.00 per incoming phone call.

Annual maintenance: $497.00 (deferred) Pay only $47 per month.

-Cancel anytime.
-Buy-out the system anytime by paying the setup fee
(no more $2 per call fees).

Total investment to get started: $47


Still have questions? Speak to a live AdverCalls® representative by calling 866-706-3836 or visit our FAQ.