The Leads-by-Phone™ system is guaranteed.
If your phone doesn’t ring, you don’t pay.

Ask any marketing professional and they will tell you the
biggest enemy to advertising success is RISK.

Every time you advertise, you risk losing money. In fact, our research shows that most advertising fails. The problem with this is that the money you lose takes a long time to recover. In most cases, the original capital is lost forever.

Cost Comparison



This is what makes Leads-by-Phone™ different…

Imagine being able to know in advance exactly how much it will cost you to generate a response to your advertising. You’ll be able to make an educated guess as to how much money you’ll make before the advertising even runs!


Reach Your Target Market through
Powerful Network…



Start Receiving Leads within 2 Hours…

Once your ads are set up, the Leads-by_Phone™ system can start generating calls to you in as little as two hours. This is one of the fastest response systems on the planet. No other system can produce phone leads from qualified buyers as quickly as this.


Receive as many Leads as you Need…

The Leads-by-Phone™ system can scale with your business. Start small by testing the lead quality. Then, once you are convinced the Leads-by-Phone™ system will work for your business, simply ‘turn up the volume’. It’s as easy as turning a dial. You do this by setting a maximum monthly ‘call-quota’. And if you unexpectedly get busy, you can temporarily pause the system with as little as 24 hours’ notice. All calls will stop until you reactivate your campaign. Your account is charged only when you are successful.


Costs are Flexible…

Every business is unique and our programs are custom built for each client. A senior consultant will work with you to determine your goals and precise target market. Once we analyze the competition, we’ll give you a quote, customized for your business.


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The Roadmap to 1000 Leads reveals how to:

  1. Discover your Business Development Formula; the secret blueprint that will propel your agency to new levels of success.
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  3. Never lose money on an advertising campaign – ever!




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