Young Canadian Filmmaker, Izzy Traub, Makes Hollywood Debut with First Feature Film

Los Angeles, CA, July 06, 2018 — Izzy Traub, in partnership with Lotus Entertainment, released his first feature film “Natural Vice” Worldwide.
This indie-action film has already been sold by Lotus to distributors in Japan, China, Scandinavia, Iceland, Denmark, Turkey and South Africa.
In North America, Gravitas Ventures has released the film on iTunes, FandangoNow, Amazon, Blu Ray, and several other distribution channels.
Natural Vice was written and directed by Izzy Traub when he was 22 years old, and produced by Ace Salvador.

About the movie

Natural Vice tells the exhilarating tale of strength and survival in the face of great adversaries and tremendous loss.
Innovatively shot in only 12 days, Natural Vice tells the tale of Adam LeBlanc, the CEO of a psychedelic drug manufacturing company, who fatally cuts ties with his double-dealing distributor, triggering the wrath of the Mountain Master of a dangerous Hong Kong triad.
Adam knows how to kill with his hands and with a gun as he leads a crew of hardened mercenaries. The Mountain Master, however, is an enemy like nothing Adam has ever faced; a cruel emperor of shadows who specializes in breaking the human spirit.
As the Mountain Master and his minions hunt for Adam, a mysterious woman, Hailey, enters Adam’s life. She inadvertently leads the enemy straight to Adam, and to herself. With only his instincts and love of combat, Adam must not let the Mountain Master break his spirit while he attempts to rescue the girl and save the day.

US Distribution

Natural Vice is available to rent or buy on the following websites:
Amazon Prime Video:
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About Izzy Traub

Izzy Traub made his first film when he was just 8 years old, while living in Whistler, B.C. Canada. By the time he was 16, Izzy had produced ten short films, including Claret, which was filmed in Los Angeles and nominated for the Best Teen Film in the Young Cuts festival. In addition to his work in film, he has directed two music videos for Atlantic Records, one for Armada Music and over a hundred corporate explainer videos.
Izzy completed the Directing Certificate Program at UCLA Extension, graduating with honors in 2012. He subsequently graduated from UCLA’s Writer’s Certificate Program for Film and Television in 2015.

About Ace Salvador

Ace Salvador is from Long Island, New York. After studying at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Ace made the move to Los Angeles where he attended LA Film School. Natural Vice is the second feature film that Ace has produced and he has since produced several others. Together, Ace and Izzy are developing a slate of film projects.



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