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Q: How do we know how many calls the Leads42 program produces?
: We contract with one of North America’s largest 3rd party call-tracking services. They independently count every phone call. How? first, we source a new phone number from the telecom provider. Then we hardcode a call-forward into that number, directly to your office line, cell phone or call center. We monitor all calls to that new number, which is only used in your listings and nowhere else. That’s how we are able to track each call down to the second. And you can be assured of reliability and accuracy, since the call tracking is managed entirely by a 3rd party.

Q: How do I know it will work?
A: Like all marketing systems, Leads42 needs to be tested. Every business is unique and needs to discover their ‘formula’ through a careful process of trial and error. To help you with this, we offer a low risk pricing option which allows you to test Leads42.

Q: How much is a call worth?
A: Inbound leads are normally worth far more than $2.00. In fact, in order to generate leads in volume, some of our other lead programs are as much as $100.00 per call. This varies from industry to industry, but the point being that we are not selling leads for $2.00. This is simply a pricing model that we use while you are testing the program.

Q: How long will it take for me to get calls?
A: The setup process takes us approximately 30 days, so don’t expect calls before then. And even then, the calls will ramp up slowly, as the directories get updated. For some directories, the entire process can take up to 90 days before your information begins to show up. And results for some companies take even longer. The primary criteria seems to be how competitive the environment is. The more competitive it is, the longer it takes. Leads42 is not a quick fix, rather a long term strategy for obtaining a comprehensive presence online.

Q: How many calls will I get?
A: This is not a high volume solution. If you get hundreds of calls, it will be over a period of months or even years. The number of calls you receive will be dependent upon several variables, including; The number of competitors who are listed in the directories, the number of (paid) advertisers in each directory and the amount of public demand for your type of business in your area. It is also dependent upon your company not having negative reviews on the internet. Due to the complexity of the variables, we don’t normally predict the number of calls a client will receive. However, we can tell you that the Leads42 program focuses on creating a presence for you, not visibility. To learn the difference, read the bottom paragraph of this page.

Q: What happens? What are the steps? What is the process?
A: 1) Register. 2) Answer questions about your business. 3) Review and approve the website that we setup for you. 4) Do some blogging (if you want). 5) Start networking on Facebook (if you want). That’s it!

Q: Will this work for my industry?
A: Generally if people use either the yellow pages, online directories or search engines to find suppliers in your industry, we can recommend this strategy for you. On the other hand, if your prospects are not actively searching for, or researching businesses like yours, then this probably isn’t a good fit. To find out if your prospects are searching for you online, go here.

Q: Can I have a toll free number?
A: Yes, but only when you buy the system out by paying the entire setup fee

Q: Can I choose my own domain name for the website that you will build for me?
A: Yes, but only when you buy the system out by paying the entire setup fee. Prior to buying the system out, your webpage will be hosted as a subdomain to one of our ‘house’ domains. See a sample here.

Q: Will you perform SEO on my existing website?
A: Yes, but only when you buy the system out by paying the entire setup fee. Otherwise, the SEO work that we perform will be focused on optimizing the microsite that we build for you.

Q: How do I select my Market area? Can I target the national market?
A: One of the pieces of information we take from you is your desired area of service. You can specify one or more cities, neighborhoods, zip codes, counties and even entire countries. Some of the components of our program apply to the broader market, such as the website that we setup for you and the associated search engine optimization. Other components will be more effective with your local market, such as listings with the local sites such as and Some of the directories allow the searcher to specify where they want their search results to come from. For example, if you type a Business Category and a Location into, it will allow you to narrow or broaden the search results with the ‘Narrow Your Search’ option at the left side of the screen. Be aware that 83% of people prefer to do business close to home. Search engines and IYP’s know this and will try to deliver search results that are as close as possible to the location of the searcher. This bias towards delivering local results is one of the evolutions of online search and it’s a trend that is likely to continue. If you wish to drive calls in volume from the national market, give us a call so we can help you select the appropriate strategy.

Q: What do I do if I get too many calls?
A: See next question

Q: Can I pause the ads?
A: Well, that would be a nice problem to have! The only way to pause the calls is to physically remove your business from the directories. However, we do have a way to temporarily halt the calls.

Q: If I am on the Pay with Success plan ($2.00 per call), how do you bill?
A: Once you are up and running, we’ll ask you to add some credit to your account (you can start with $100.00). Calls that you receive will be deducted from this credit. We never just ‘ding’ your credit card unless you specifically tell us to.

Q: Why do you obtain coverage for me in so many sites?
A: People now search multiple sources before they make up their mind who they will call. For example, they might use Google to get some general ideas on how to meet their need, then get on Facebook and find out what others have done, then go to to read reviews, and finally they might use to look up your phone number. We want to ensure that you can be found no matter which site your prospect is searching on.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: See below

Pricing Options

Option 1

Buy the system outright. No ongoing payments.

One time setup fee of $2,500.00.  No per-call costs.

Annual maintenance: $497.00 (included in 1st year).

Total investment: $2,997.00


Option 2

Pay with Success

Setup fee $2500.00 (waived). Pay only $2.00 per incoming phone call.

Annual maintenance: $497.00 (deferred) Pay only $47 per month.

-Cancel anytime.
-Buy-out the system anytime by paying the setup fee
(no more $2 per call fees).

Total investment to get started: $47


Still have questions? Speak to a live AdverCalls representative by calling 866-706-3836.