Most prospects are buyers. But not all are ready to buy today.

And what happens with your leads that are not ‘sales-ready’? Most companies let them fall through the cracks. However, research has shown that 80% of people will not buy until after the fifth contact. Therefore, simply by making repetitive contacts with someone (instead of forgetting about them) you increase your odds of getting the sale by 500%. Automation is the answer.

ARM is a completely automated system for managing dozens, hundreds or thousands of relationships, preventing them from going stale.

It works by automatically sending customized followup messages to your prospects by email. Then, when one of your prospects is ready to buy, the system alerts you so you can call them.

Assuming a prospect is serious about making a purchase (not necessarily from you); there are only two timing options:

1.       Those who are ready to buy now or in the immediate future.

2.       Those who are not ready to buy now, but who eventually will make a purchase.

Most businesses consistently follow-up with prospects that show they are serious about making a purchase now or in the immediate future. ‘Hot leads’, we call them. But even the best salespeople get busy. And when they do, follow-up activities suffer.

Regardless of whether the prospect is ready to buy now or well into the future, it isn’t possible to keep calling everyone who has ever inquired. And for that reason, you are likely losing customers to your competitors. The prospect forgets about you or perhaps they just get more attention from your competitor. Whatever the case, the aim of ARM is to prevent prospective clients from falling through the cracks by implementing automated follow-up that is designed to nurture the prospect and keep the relationship warm until they are ready to make a purchase.

Our ARM system is capable of segmenting your leads and sending out highly customized information that is relevant to the buyer. And even if your prospects are not asked any qualification questions, our automated system can cause prospects to self-qualify by tracking their engagement. We can track their engagement by whether they open an email or not, or if they click on a link in an email. And if they click on a particular link, we can automatically and instantly change the follow-up materials to be more relevant to the prospect’s indicated preferences. The ultimate sales message is one that reaches the right person with the right message at the right time. And that is precisely what ARM does.

In 1992, the President of our company developed a software application called Cyclone. Cyclone automated the follow-up process, sending a series of semi-customized letters to prospects in an effort to educate, build credibility and keep the relationship warm. Such a follow-up series was referred to as a ‘sequence’.

The Cyclone system was used successfully by companies to fill the gap in their follow-up activities. Before the Internet, there were constraints in that all follow-up was done by mail. It took time to send out the mail and it was relatively expensive. These days, most of our follow-up is done by email. It’s immediate, inexpensive and we can track engagement much more efficiently.

A sequence is most typically an automated series of email, however, a sequence can include phone calls, auto-dialer messages, faxes or SMS messages. Below is a diagram of  typical relationship management flow-chart.

Not all of your relationship management processes can be automated. As an ARM client, we’ll work with you to decide what you can safely automate. ARM will save you time and prevent otherwise good prospects from being forgotten.


$997.00 per month.
No contracts. You may cancel at anytime.

Our full-service, turnkey package includes:

  1. Strategic planning and setting of objectives
  2. Program structure and design
  3. Content development: strategy/copywriting – up to 5 new letters per month, as needed.
  4. Lead capture via web-forms
  5. Programming the automated system
  6. Emailing up to 10,000 pieces per month
  7. Continuous improvement process: Ongoing testing of letters to increase the volume of leads and to reduce the cost of acquiring each new customer. We can monitor who opens which email, who clicks on links embedded in the email. And we can let you know who is showing signs of being ‘sales-ready’ so you can follow-up personally. Or, at your option we send them more persuasive messages that motivates them to call you when they are ready.
You are responsible for any expenditures related to offers.